2018 Presidential election : Kamto Maurice will sue Messanga Nyamding in court

Maurice Kamto
Maurice Kamto

The year 2018 is a year of tension and high tension in Cameroon. Tension in Far North with Boko Haram attack, in North West and South West region with the Anglophone crisis. It is not all, there are more tensions on TV during these presidential campaigns.

On a program of Jean Bruno Tagne on Canal 2 International TV in the night of the 3rd October 2018, candidate Maurice Kamto, leader of the RMC party, who was the guest, declared that he will sue Pr. Pascal Messanga Nyamding of CPDM in court because of false accusation.

This problem wake up when on Africa Media during a program concerning this 2018 presidential election, to which Pr. Messanga Nyamding was invited to represent the CPDM party, this man accuses Maurice Kamto of RMC of being an Homosexual. He even added that he has a video in which there is Maurice Kamto having sex with another young man. So according to him Maurice Kamto could be a homosexual so Cameroonians should not vote him as the 3rd president on 7th October 2018.

As if it wasn’t all, Pascal Messanga Nyamding very proud of himself and in anger declared that “sue me in court, i will show you a video of minister Kamto Maurice naked in full sexual relationship with a young boy. Again, let me remind you that this young boy is still alive”.



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