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In this nearing days of elections everything are put together for a good functioning of this event. To have a good look, Cameroon government took the statistics of those of out of the country who have subscribed for this election.

In Africa we have 16 countries apart of Cameroon with a number of 20088 total subscribers, 5851 young subscribers and 14237 old subscribers, for 41 vote offices. In America there are 3 countries with 212 total numbers of subscribers for 4 vote offices, while in Asia there are 1307 total subscribers for 6 vote offices. At last, in Europe we have in total 5573 subscribers for 15 vote offices.

What makes in total 7479 young subscribers for this 4 continents, and 19301 old subscribers for 66 total number of vote offices. Globally we have 6 595 553 subscribers in all over the world for this 2018 presidential elections in Cameroon.

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