akere muna
Akere Muna, Candidat du FDD à la Présidentielle 2018 au Cameroun

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Last Friday 05th October 2018, a press release has been published talking about the most waited issue, a coalition. Akere Muna, the candidate of PDF party joined Maurice Kamto in Garoua, the North region of Cameroon, to discuss about the future of Cameroon.

Akere Muna decides to remove his candidacy and join the party of Maurice Kamto. An accord was signed between them showing that all the sympathizers of the PDF party of Akere Muna should join those of the RMC of Maurice Kamto, for together put down the CPDM of Paul Biya.

But some questions still stand by: what about Cabral Libii who was waiting since for this coalition? How about Joshua Osih, Garga Haman, Serge espoir Matomba or Frankline Afanwi ?

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