Hasn’t Paul Biya prepared Maurice Kamto as his substitute and he is hiding it?

paul biya
H.E. Paul Biya

The year 2018 in Cameroon is known as the presidential year, not only in Cameroon but almost in some country in Africa territory. But the case of Cameroon is to see by near, because no other Presidential campaign has been in Cameroon like this of 2018.

Since these elections were announced, and the battle had begun, many things were not very clear between the candidate of the RCM party, Maurice Kamto and Paul Biya the actual president and candidate of the CPDM party. This induces many thoughts.

It seems as if Paul Biya has chosen Maurice Kamto since as his substitute man but he doesn’t want the CPDM sympathizers to know, or else something could happen, that’s why his ministers are all barking. Some researches could prove that Paul Biya was preparing and announcing his replacement by Kamto since. Let’s see:

  1. Paul Biya knows that all his ministers are thieves and they only want their personal interests, he knows that his ministers don’t like Cameroon, that’s why he always asked himself why his ministers steal so much ;
  2. Paul Biya could confident in Maurice Kamto since the period of the Bakassi issue (protection of the sovereignty of the territory) and his passage in the Cameroonian Government, where he was seen as exemplar although there were many traps and temptations ;
  3. Paul Biya knows that Maurice Kamto cannot destabilize Cameroon, and Kamto always says that secession is not a solution ;
  4. Paul Biya put on a constitutional counsellor which will publish the result so no one could contest ;
  5. Paul Biya and Kamto would have agreed on his protection if he leaves the power, the protection of his family, and the respect of the former president. Kamto use to say it everywhere to prepare Cameroonians psychologically to accept it, especially for those who think oppositely. Moreover Kamto has declared it during his press conference ;
  6. Penda Ekoka who is the counsellor of Paul Biya is now that of Kamto Maurice recommended by Paul Biya. Could Penda Ekoka wake up against Paul without bothering ?
  7. Albert Dzongang who is a very good friend to Paul Biya has declared during a meeting in Bafoussam that in 1992 Paul Biya called for him to help him to win the election and still in 2018 this same Paul Biya says that he is tired and he doesn’t want to win again but his surroundings are forcing him to remain. “Paul Biya even asked to do so that he could fail this elections”, added Albert ;
  8. The surrounding of Kamto’s home by armed men, some see that as a menace or intimidation, instead it is a way to protect the next president ;
  9. Kamto’s press conference could not be with many international media without a report from Biya if he was still willing to be at the presidency. Even if this press conference comes to be, he could have been caught after his declaration in front of the International media ;
  10. Paul Biya as he is known when he want to remain on the throne, but this time he did not do any campaign, he left the way to Maurice Kamto ;
  11. The absence of Niat at the CPDM meeting in the west region was orchestrated by Biya to weaken the hegemony of the CPDM party in the West region ;
  12. He knows that if there is a rising up, it will be at his disfavor, first the problem in the Anglophone zone, and again the duo of Kamto and Akere Muna are very powerful in the international scene.

Don’t be surprised that the constitutional counsel proclaims Kamto as the winner of this election.



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