Ngaoundere, cleaning up of town

Ngaoundere downtown
Ngaoundere downtown. Photo credit :

Since the launch of the “Ngaoundere cleaning downtown”, this town has begun to change in image and brightness.

All these last days in the Ngaoundere council, there a youths working all over the road. Roads are being cleaned, gutters are clean up to create ways for water to flow not to encumber the road way with water of the rain, and grasses are removed all over the roads. The work is beginning from 7 am to 12 am as says Yaya Abdoul, a worker.

Some could say that it is only for the beginning and after what the mayor will not still continue to do it, as sustains Hamra Sadjia :

“ It is only for the beginning, wait and see some moment after they will not continue doing it”.

While others really encourage the effort of the township :

“ It is good to see that the downtown of Ngaoundere is beginning to be clean and even road sides are clean up. We only have to encourage them in this issue, and help them also to fight against insalubrity in this town”,

said a pass-by.

Pick-axes are digging, shovels are removing while the wheelbarrow is carrying to throw away. Those are actions seen on the field, each and every worker has his own task, laughs are heard, and work is going over. We could add that recruiting youths for this work of cleaning the town is a way to reduce unemployment among youth of Ngaoundere.



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