Top News News 2018 Presidential election in Cameroon : Paul Biya re-elected

2018 Presidential election in Cameroon : Paul Biya re-elected


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On the 7th of October 2018, Cameroonians went to the poll to choose the new leader. Between the 25 millions of Cameroonians, 3 524 326 voted but 2 461 326 elected the candidate of CPDM, Paul Biya.

A huge victory was still for the actual president because of his government which decided to retain him on the power. A victory with a high score of 71,28%.

53% of rake of participation, may be because of non-participation of the two Anglophone regions, because of crisis. After a long discussion between the constitutional council and lawyers and candidates, it still came out that the outing president has nothing to reproach.

According to rumors, many Cameroonians were waiting for a new man in Etoudi but it wasn’t as expected. Paul Biya is still reelected for another mandate what make that Cameroonians still have to do with Paul Biya.

Mathieu Dilla Yadji
Mathieu Dilla Yadji is passionate about journalism. He is English correspondent of Adamawa


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