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6th November 1982 – 6th November 2018 : Will there be a change in Cameroon ?

Paul Biya will take oath on Tuesday, 6th November 2018: what’s the new destiny for Cameroon?6th November 2018

Paul Biya

Cameroonians from North to South, East to West, united behind the Head of State, are waiting for the loaning of oath of their president Paul Biya, who is already going for his 36th years at the head of state.

6 November 1982 was the date of the accession to power of His Excellency Paul Biya, this Tuesday, 6 November 2018 the CPDM party will still commemorate his accession to the power at the same time with his loaning of oath for his 7th mandate.

Let’s mention that the date of swearing-in coincides with the anniversary of his entry to the supreme magistracy in 1982. In that year, the Head of State had constitutionally replaced his predecessor Ahmadou Ahidjo, who had resigned. With this new election, Paul Biya begins a new seven-year term.

Several events will take place all over the national territory and abroad in support of the New Impetus under the impulsion of the President of the Republic through his policy of “Major Accomplishments” which are geared to make Cameroon an emerging country by 2035.

Paul Biya the winner of the 2018 presidential poll

After he was officially declared the winner of the 2018 presidential polls by the Constitutional Council with 71.28% of the votes, Paul Biya (photo) will take the oath of office next November 6, we learnt.

Already, the central committee of his party, the CPDM (Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement), has currently mobilized activists and supporters to honor this official ceremony. Are also kicked off, cleaning works at the National Assembly headquarters, which has opens the parliamentary session to adopt the budget on November 2; 2018.

Paul Biya, a president not like others

What makes the president of Cameroon a special president is that, first of all he is the oldest president in Africa, with an age of 85 years old, with 36 years in power. During this last seven years of his mandate which have just ended, he did about 4 years on 7, out of his country; for a reason that only him knows.

Many people in and out of Africa asked themselves how he does to control his country out of it, but till now he proves the real force of experience. How will he do during other 7 years mandate? Will he be in his country to resolve these several problems which is reducing into aches or will he continue to leave angers growing and burning again?

Will he try to solve the anglophone problem this time or will he continue to do as if everything was well ?

After the elections of 7th October 2018 in Cameroon, every candidate pass through constitutional council who judge every action of different political party before declaring the result. During crucial moment of many lawyers exposing their experiences n common laws and public law, those of the opposition parties placed the problem of North West and South Cameroon which till now hasn’t got any solution, how to do? But lawyers of the CPDM party proves from A to Z that everything is alright in Cameroon, there is no trouble.

Till when will Cameroon continue living in hypocrisy as if really everything was well? None of the CPDM lawyer has presented the matter of Anglophone crisis as a slow poison in the legs of Cameroon. During this mandate will Paul Biya take a heart of a good father and try to see how to solve this problem? This could be the type of question that many Cameroonians could be asking to themselves.

Will this new mandate be a new challenge for Cameroon?

Within the thirty six years of being in power, President Paul BIYA has accomplished many political, economic, social and cultural achievements. In the political domain, Cameroon has become a haven of peace and national unity, an undeniable truth. In short, Cameroon, a country of liberty, a model political stability in Africa.

Democracy is progressing well, as was seen in the recent legislative and municipal elections which took place in an atmosphere of calm and serenity, a measure of the political maturity of Cameroonians, while elsewhere on the continent; these consultations sometimes result to violence. At the level of governance, the fight against the misuse of public funds is continuing with ferocity.