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The regional student scholarship campaign is underway in the Eastern Region – Cameroon. The kick-off was given on August 12, 2018 at Bertoua Kpokolota Technical High School, by the Regional Delegate for Secondary Education in the East.

In total, 4,290,000 CFA francs are allocated to scholarships in the Eastern Region, which are distributed as and when they are distributed to 429 students in technical secondary education. All from the 2015-2016 vintage, they are grouped into three categories. The School Excellence Scholarship with 282 laureates, the Best Scientific Girl Scholarship with 100 laureates and the Disability Scholarship (for students with disabilities or disabled parents) with 47 laureates.

In the ranking by department, the Lom and Djerem department is the lion’s share with 141 scholarships, followed by the Kadey 120 scholarships, the Haut Nyong 98 scholarships and the Boumba and Ngoko 70 scholarships. The official launching ceremony of the regional scholarship distribution campaign held Monday, November 12, 2018 at the Technical High School of Bertoua Kpokolota allowed the Regional Delegate of secondary education not only to congratulate the winners but to recall the merits of these awards.

For Bedjabo Simplice, “These scholarships are recognition of excellence because secondary education promotes excellence. In spite of the time and in view of the economic situation, the higher hierarchy considered it necessary to first recognize the work of the children of the previous vintages before rewarding those of the 2017-2018 vintage. So I invite the other students to work hard so that the next years this scholarship also comes back to them “.

At the meeting, 10 laureates of Bertoua Kpokolota Technical High School, all girls, solemnly received their scholarships.

“For me this award is a blessing because it is timely because I need textbooks to study and given the economic situation of my parents, it is still not obvious. We all say thank you very much to the Head of State for this gesture”,

says Fiong Gabriel Audrey, student in 4th year electricity class. The reward itself is 10,000 f per recipient. The choice of the Kpokolota Technical High School for the launch of this regional campaign stems from the fact that this establishment is among the best in the Eastern Region.

“We have put in place a work strategy to be among the best institutions in the region. We have been distributing very early jobs to teachings so that all hours are covered. Where there was a problem, we used the temporary teachers who were supported by the APEE to give a hand. We always insist on the quantitative and qualitative coverage of the programs. We make a point of honor on the daily follow-up of the teachers and we make sure that all the courses are given according to the norms “,

recalls Touna Nke, headmaster of Bertoua Kpokolota Technical High School.

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Through this gesture, the Cameroonian government once again expresses its willingness to support and encourage technical secondary education, guarantor of sustainable development for an emerging Cameroon. This is one more motivation that will come to galvanize more students, especially those who wish to be part of the fellows in the future years.

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