Culture Fashion Ngaoundere - Sahel Fashion 2018 : Union makes power

Ngaoundere – Sahel Fashion 2018 : Union makes power


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Youth is often the ferment of change. Their talents, energies and enthusiasm are the engines of all changes. They are young and they are at the origin of the success of Sahel Fashion Acte 4 which took place at Ngondo place in Ngaoundéré.

They were in the oven and mill for the success of this event. They are Victor Tsanang, Director of Operations, and Nganhi Adjia Hervé, Artistic Director. They deliver their impression.

Victor Tshanang

“We left a positive signature in place of Ngondo,”

“My impressions are satisfactory because the challenge has been met. This thanks to the collaboration of the actors involved in the organization. We left a positive signature in place of Ngondo in the promotion of Sahelian fashion through the giant show orchestrated by stylists and model from the north. The presence of the Regional Delegates of Arts and Culture, Tourism and Recreation has made more credible in the eyes of thousands of people present that night. In the light of all these impressions, I can congratulate all the great team of the group Fad’Art who has been able to highlight its technical and logistical capacity to deliver to the public a glamorous evening like no other. “

Nganhi Adjia Hervé

“Our satisfaction will always be our skill”

“This edition was a challenge for me, I am proud of the result being a result of a team united around a common goal. Tomorrow the adventure continues, the expectations will be enormous. Our satisfaction will always be our skill to live up to the expected goal. “

Mathieu Dilla Yadji
Mathieu Dilla Yadji is passionate about journalism. He is English correspondent of Adamawa


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