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Elie Smith is clear. For him, in the quest for peace, we must put everyone, all parties on the table discussions. If the English General Conference had been maintained, they, the initiators of the event expected to have the secessionists.

“They must be invited. They were invited. We talked with them. This is not a taboo. If you are looking for peace, you must speak with everyone. They are Cameroonians. And to say that we will not speak to such a Cameroonian means that either we do not want the solution, or we do not know “,

he said in the newsstand edition of November 21, 2018.

During this interview, the coordinator of the English General Conference clarified those they considered English-speaking to take part in the event.

“It’s a meeting of Anglophones to talk about the Anglophone problem. Unfortunately people do not read. We produced a document that describes who is English. It’s the Southwest and / or Northwest Native people and the people from all over the world who stayed there before 1961. That’s English. But neo-Anglophones can come as observers “,

he said.

Remember that the General Conference of Anglophones was to be held from November 21 to 22, 2018 in the city of Buea, in the South West region. The objectives were to find the causes of the Anglophone crisis and propose solutions. And these proposals will be sent to Yaoundé to the Head of State. After its cancellation, the organizers like Elie Smith do not hide their disappointment.

“It hurts me because there are people from Germany, from the United States. Some arrived on Monday. We explained the situation. They are obliged to spend the week they came to do and return after. It shows that there is a craze. Even in the North West and South West, there are people who wanted to come to participate who are disappointed “,

he said in the columns of our colleague.

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