4th Editon of Sahel Fashion: Dreams have become true

“If someone could have told me that my dream will come to be true one day, I would have not believed. But today I am happy to realize it, to become the Miss Sahel” Noulehou Fonou Mileine

Sahel Fashion
Sahel Fashion. Photo credit : FADCOM

Sahel fashion is a festival that puts the value and beauty of Sahelian fashion on the set. Saturday, November 17, 2018 was the day of the 4th edition of this great festival; this time Ngaoundéré was chosen as the city that will house this edition 4th edition of fashion still organized by the FAD’ART Group, which continues to promote the African culture in general, Cameroon, and the Sahel in particular.

On the site of the production were the guests of marks, candidates coming from everywhere for the competition of the day. As distinguished guests, we have the government delegate at the urban commune of Ngaoundere, the delegate of tourism, the delegate of art and culture, without forgetting Sahel artists like Abdel de Gaboul, Alice Nazim, Malik and many others. The esplanade wore decorations in the Sahelian fashion, advertising posters of organizations sponsoring this great fashion festival, all of which contributed to the beauty and clarity of the site hosting this 4th edition of the Sahelian fashion.

At 9 pm precisely the evening took flight in place of ngondo, site chosen for the festival with the presenter Khalif Ibrahim who led this moment of discovery of Sahelian styles and relaxation. In a Sahelian heat, humor of the N.G.A, Miss Sahel competition, passage of fashion collection, artistic performance of the great artists of the Sahel, and small games competitions were the hallways of this evening.

Rude as competition to be Miss Sahel, but that did not stop dreams from coming true. On the set of the competition for the Miss Sahel were three images of beautiful young ladies, who showed competence in the approach, the fashion, the art of communication … following the jury asked questions to understand the visions of the candidates if they ever became the elected of the evening, and to measure the level of general and cultural knowledge of them.

As in any competition, you need a winner and a loser, Nouleho Fonou Mileine won the prize as

“The 2018 Sahel fashion Miss before Pagou Oriane and Abo Nadine whom were successfully 1st and 2nd dauphin; “If someone could have told me that my dream of becoming Miss Sahel will come true one day, I would not have believed. But today, it has become real thanks to the festival organized by the group Fad ‘Art; Sahel fashion. I am chosen as miss and that gives me real joy “,

expresses Nouleho Fonou Mileine Yolande, miss of this 4th edition.

“Being the best in the men’s collection requires a lot of work. But my joy remains expressed as the best of the collection “,

adds Romaric

Everything that starts well ends well. This highlight ended with the graduation ceremony of the best of this festival by the representative of Orange, and the Regional Delegate of Arts and Culture.



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