Cameroon : A Colonel die by trying to separate his two wifes who were fighting

Weakened by the disease, Colonel Christian Armand Minyono of the 4th Military Sector, died yesterday night in his native village in Ayos, Nyong Department and Mfoumou by trying to separate the fight of his two wives.

Update on 11/25/2018
Colonel Christian Armand Minyono
Colonel Christian Armand Minyono

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His name was Christian Armand Minyono. He was a colonel. According to our information, the senior officer of the Army succumbed to his fall yesterday November 20, 2018, wanting to bring peace between his two women who were fighting.

It is then known that weakened by the disease, Colonel Christian Armand Minyono, was jostled, then dropped, banged his head on the wall, then swallowed his tongue. has learned that the body of the colonel who threatened to beat the belt of his wives, who continue to brawl, has reached the capital Yaounde.

Corroborating sources say that the body of the superior officer was conveyed last night, in a funeral home of Yaounde.

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