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Cameroon : A strike movement announced at the CAMPOST

The president of the union section of the personnel announces through a letter send to the prime minister, a movement of strike to the Campost in the next days.


Jean Marc Mangone, the president of the union section has deposited November 19 in the services of the Prime Minister a letter announcing an unrestricted movement of resistance to the Campost dice on November 26.

If we stick to the content of the mail, the strike follows the general meeting of staff during which Campost employees expressed their ras-le bowl against the management of the company.

Indeed, according to well-introduced sources, the staff is waiting for the response of the executive board of the company against a good number of claims. The employees of the Campost claim in particular: the payment of monthly wages within the deadlines set by the collective agreement of companies, the application of the resolutions of the joint committee of advancement and reclassification of May 2018 with financial effects.

The recruitment of public officials in accordance with the speculations of the collective agreement, the payment of the universal postal service by the State, the holding of a promotion commission for the years 2017 and 2018, the respect and application of the collective agreement of banks and the payment of the balance of any retired staff account are also other points claimed by the staff. The file is now in the hands of the head of government.