Cameroon : A white man refused to recognize his child made with a black woman

Of French-Swiss origin, he fears that by bringing his name in the birth certificate, the child whose mother is of Cameroonian origin will benefit from his immense fortune. But prefer to deal with it in anonymity.

Update on 11/25/2018
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Every child naturally has a biological father. The little Natacha, 3 years old, dried her classes on October 29, 2018. That day, draped in a brown-blue apron, she accompanied her mother Vanessa to the Court of First Instance (TPD) of Yaoundé Ekounou.

Her mother has introduced a petition for reconstitution of the birth certificate. This means that she is seeking a court order ordering a registrar to issue a birth certificate to her child, after the six-month period prescribed by law.

Indeed, Vanessa, quarantine sounded, tells that she made her child Natacha with Mr. Lesauvage (that’s the name we give him, Ed), a white Swiss-French nationality. The child was born on September 21, 2015 in Yaounde. Since then, she has been fighting tooth and nail to have her 45-year-old “Jehovah’s Witness” companion agree to have his name mentioned in the birth certificate as a father, the info clear and sharp. But the expatriate ostensibly refuses to assume his paternity. And for good reason,

“when I conceived, he ordered me to abort. I refused. He has disengaged. He warned me that for nothing in the world he will accept to assume this paternity “.

Curiously, Vanessa indicates that her relationship with Mr. Lesauvage did not stop despite her warning.

“We continued to work together, up to two weeks of delivery. It is even he who prepared the layette. “Is this gentleman married?” inquired the court. Vanessa will answer in the negative. “But why he does not want to recognize his child ?”,

asks the court. According to the lady, the reasons given by Mr. Lesauvage for refusing to recognize his child are essentially materialistic, at the limit racist. In a long speech, Vanessa will explain that her boyfriend told him he is a descendant of a line “very rich.

His parents are from Amiens in France. They have a lot of property. His grandfather left a lot of buildings in Switzerland and France. Problem “He says that if his name is written in the birth certificate, my daughter will benefit from his fortune, while I have not worked to deserve these goods.”

Protocol of agreement

Undaunted in the story of her troubles, Vanessa reassures her that she did not give up after Natacha’s birth. On the contrary, she first seized the social service of the French Embassy in Cameroon. There, the Chancery leaders said they were powerless to examine his case on the grounds that his child is not recognized as a French citizen. And, advised him to seize rather a service of social affairs Cameroonian.

Subsequently, she was able to drive Mr. Lesauvage almost manu militari before a social affairs department in Yaoundé where they found common ground. His friend said he was ready to pay big in return for remaining anonymous. “We signed a memorandum of understanding. He acknowledges that he is the father of the child but allows someone else to bear his name as father in the birth certificate of the child. Through the famous memorandum of understanding that has been legalized by the administrative authority, Mr. Lesauvage agrees to pay 50 thousand francs per month for the maintenance of Natacha. “It’s not very regular, but it still gives.” The complainant states that she discovered during the examination of her case in the social affairs department that she is not the only victim of the sexual adventures of Mr. Lesauvage. The latter is quite regular in the premises.

According to Vanessa, two other Cameroonians had also taken the same service to denounce the irresponsible attitude of Mr. Lesauvage who refuses to assume the paternity of their children. “One of his women complained to him. He paid 800 thousand to withdraw his complaint. “” Is he aware of this procedure?” asks the court. Vanessa says her boyfriend has a flick to keep from appearing, “he often flies to France and comes back after the hearing.” “That’s because you’re just looking for whites. I send you to the prosecutor’s office; there we know what to do” reassure the court.

“I loved him as a man not because of the color of his skin, nor because of his money,” defended Vanessa. The file is transferred to the public prosecutor’s office to make his investigation and take his requisitions in the case. The hearing resumes on November 19, 2018 for the hearing of the witnesses. Unless Mr Lesauvage decides in the meantime to change his mind by taking his actions openly.


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