Cameroon : An arisen sun for the employment of youths

A platform has been created in Kribi for the facilitation of insertion of youths in the world of employment.

Update on 11/26/2018
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Through testimonies collected from many young people, the platform created in Kribi for the facilitation of the professional insertion of young people shows all its efficiency and its raison d’être.

At the Autonomous Port of Kribi indeed, the use of local labor is to put in the assets of this platform.

For Alain Claude Atangana, CEO,

“this is a first step that we have taken others to follow in order to help young job seekers”.

This response to the concerns of youth is widely welcomed by the city authorities. According to Senator Grégoire Mba Mba,

“May God helps us to have other companies come to support this win-win partnership so that together we can make our young people work”.

This is a big breakthrough that will go forward with regard to the employment opportunities available in this department through major structuring projects. Ghislain Amoko Nnomo, job seeker:

“I am a journalist. I have applied in several companies and several times. At the Autonomous Port of Kribi, I was reassured thanks to the platform “.

These citizen actions are in line with the social responsibility of these structures installed in the seaside resort of Kribi.


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