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Pierre Zumbach

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In recent weeks, Pierre Zumbach, president of the Inter-Progress Foundation is indexed in publications that tend to make believe that the biennial international fair held in Yaoundé, is his private property. And even that Mr. Zumbach “illegally” benefits from public funding.

A survey of the Inter-Progress Foundation reveals that several untruths are conveyed about Promote. The first fact is that Pierre Zumbach and his foundation are not the promoters of this Salon.

“The latter is a project of the Cameroonian government, encouraged from the outset by his excellence, Mr. President of the Republic of Cameroon who brings him from its first edition in 2002, his high patronage”,

rectifies Mr. Zumbach, in an update. November 19, 2018.

The second is that the Minister of Commerce is the principal of the government for this event. The inter-Progress foundation is the technical agent, specializing in events.

Third, for each edition, the state subsidy is about 200 million CFA francs.

“The state thus provides companies that come to promote their talent to Promote with direct assistance that lowers their cost of participation and encourages the regulatory institutions of the economy to participate in this great meeting of know-how and the dynamisation of business. Private investment “,

says Zumbach.

Fourth, Pierre Zumbach expresses his dissatisfaction with the many publications made so called a conspiracy plot “It is regrettable that the attacks published, that one hopes in good faith, against an action of general interest for the economy, have been, without looking for easily verifiable information. It is sad to see that an innovative action that has proved effective as well as its decided architecture is thus attacked by untruths at the expense of the general interest and the promotion of talented companies that keep the national economy stronger in the trajectory of emergence, “he declares.

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