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They were first at the crossroads of ENSAI then they all went down to the direction of The University of Ngaoundere, posters in hand, carrying messages such as : Tired of injustice, one year = 1 academic year, 2 years = 2 academic years level.

“No solution, no school “, “what have we done to deserve all these ? “, ” Are we veterinarians or not ? “, according to these students what makes those to strike are : Lack of teacher.

4 promotions on one level and every years there are new promotions entering, lack of classrooms.

” We are doing this strike because of derisory conditions at the school of Science and Veterinary Medicine (ESMV) at the University of Ngaoundere. As a veterinary student we did not benefit from adequate training conditions. We do not have sufficient classrooms and we currently have 14 class promotions for only three classrooms; which is practically insufficient for that. We also have the problem of teachers. They miss so much in school. We currently have about ten teachers for almost 200 units to dispense, which are besides very difficult for those there. So that we are in the neighborhood from time to time, we are not programmed, we have been waiting for a solution since, this is what brings us today to manifest “,

declared Hermane Baïkane, level three, student of the faculty.

” We are already tired of the promises made to us by the rector, she made promises to us two years ago and she comes back to tell us that she had forgotten that she had made these promises to us. So we are tired of that, she has to do something for us or not we will never stop striking “,

he added.

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