Jury du Casting du film MAYA. De gauche à droite : Mani Franck, Bikoué et Soniya.
Jury du Casting du film MAYA. De gauche à droite : Mani Franck, Bikoué et Soniya. Crédit photo : chateaunews.com

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Professionals and amateurs met on 8 and 9 December 2017 to win a role in the next production of the FADART Group written by Chunkam Wabo Soniya.

Casting MAYA
Casting MAYA. Photo credit : chateaunews.com

“MAYA”, the story of a girl who leaves the orphan for a princess. “All of a war of confrontation between two clans in a village. Like any other war, there are always immigrants; a young couple fled and took refuge in the neighboring village, which warmly welcomed them. Once settled, by their good relationship, the couple receives a donation from the head of their new site, a land is offered to them for their activities (construction, fields …). A few years later, the cup gives birth to binoculars, one of which died and left the other, to whom it is known as MAYA, which means LIGHT. With a coveted beauty, intelligent, humble and envied by the girls of the village; Maya grew up.

“She loses her parents while they left her with a woman from the village to return to their village of origin. The latter die by drowning in a large river, Maya becomes an orphan. During her battle for life, already being tall, at the age of nearly 19, she was threatened by a village chief’s counselor, who constantly sexually harassed her, and this orphan refused. By proof of fate she came to know the prince of his village of origin, who came for the purchase of the land of the parents of Maya, who wanted to be sold by the notable who was disappointed by the refusal of Maya to his advances. This prince, in turn, fell in love with the orphan who later married her and made her a princess of his village”,

said Chunkam Wabo Soniya, screenwriter.

29 actors selected for the production, the film which will soon leave the studios FADART Production was the subject of a serious casting actors to ensure the roles.

“We are looking for people who may well embody the characters of the script I wrote so that the film touches the hearts because the story of Maya should all challenge us”,

saidChunkam Wabo Soniya who wrote the idea for the film. This first stage of production after the finalization of the scenario by the team marks a great step towards the production of the feature film. According to Franck Mani Biyidi Director who accompanied the cast, “everything has been done to ensure the success of this big production”.


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