Cameroon : Buea gets new slogan “City Of Excellence”, bye bye to “Legendary Hospitality”

Buea, the city of "Legendary Hospitality" has got a new slogan, "City Of Excellence".

Update on 12/28/2018
Buea. Photo credit :

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The Legendary Hospitality title had been proclaimed in the days of Mbella Moki Charles, now Senator who assembled the inhabitants and declared Buea a town of Legendary Hospitality due to the welcoming and hospitable nature of the people.

Mbella Moki’s Legendary Hospitality has been now been replaced by Ekema Patrick’s City of Excellence. The new slogan was adopted by municipal counsellors on the 19/12/2018 plenary session which took place at the Buea council.

The event was also marked by council sessions for the examination and adoption of administrative and management accounts. Tebopost published that the event witnessed the adoption of the sum of Two Billion, Five hundred million FCFA (2.500.000.000) as budget for the 2019 Financial year.


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