Maurice Kamto is accused by a municipal councilor of the town hall of Douala 5th

Update on 12/28/2018
Maurice Kamto
Maurice Kamto

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The electoral war continues, Maurice Kamto is directly accused, fingered by the municipal councilor of the town hall of Douala 5th.

Abel Elimby accuses the two politicians of not having proposed a credible alternative to the people in the last presidential election,

“We have just lost the 16th opportunity to overthrow the regime of President Biya, by refusing to put us together, you know the people responsible for this tragedy “

written on the facebook page this December 26th, the municipal councilor at the Douala 5th town hall.

In his publication, Abel Elimby Lobe thinks that Maurice Kamto is a “powerful builder” of the current regime who spent 7 years making the monster and eating with him. Joshua Osih, he believes, was a candidate against Biya with “mad pride”, refusing to recognize his weaknesses.

“In the meantime we have people who were yesterday an extraordinary virulence and who have become servile servants of the Biya regime. In the meantime we have brilliant regime builders who after seven years of making the monster, eating with him, convert to our struggle to mislead it. In the meantime we have people who were candidates against Biya with a mad pride, refusing to recognize that their weaknesses command them mutualist means, with 3%, they spread these weaknesses they refused to recognize and they are converted into vice president of FECAFOOT any shame drunk “,

he declares.

“In the meantime we have people who claim to fight the Biya regime and give up any privileges that Biya gives them to show how vulgar they are, in addition to containing the same bad wine, they publicly enjoy the prebends of bad governance they tell us they want to fight, and we refuse to be those bad opponents “,

he added.

Without hiding, he declares his reason for leaving “I left because I do not like the regime of President Biya and I do not want his gifts”.

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