Cameroon : Paul Biya, same promises from 2015-2016-2017

The end-of-year speech by President Paul Biya remains the same refrain for the people of Maroua who, until then, still have hopes of seeing their situation change.

Update on 01/04/2019
Paul Biya
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They were also many in front of their screens and transistors to listen to Paul Biya last Monday; a reassuring message for members of the CPDM party.

“The president controls the situation and he reassures us that the threat Boko Haram is discarded and that many projects will be realized. There is an innovative fact that the chair has raised. It is the modernization of agriculture and the problem of youth unemployment. These are key issues that affect our region “,

said Souaïbou Alioum Mamoudou, vice-president of the Louggueo I sub-section in Maroua III. According to him, Paul Biya gave the roadmap of this septennate “Decisive”.

Unlike the latter, Yaouba, a young student at the University of Maroua thinks that the message of the Head of State is not clear enough and precise.

“The president talks about the continuity of the projects. We do not have big projects in our area as far as I know. We need concrete on the promises made because youth unemployment is considerable and the social crisis is increasing day by day. Our region is the most vulnerable to date”,

says the young man.

“We are not sure that the president will be able to keep his promises even if bad governance has made his bed in our region. The economy is on the ground and wants a new breath. Without roads and without water, how can we think of developing rural areas that are supposed to be ponds of agricultural production? It takes more in the acts”,

thinks a member of the civil society in Mora.

If opinions diverge on the content of the message from the Head of State to the nation, some key points are worth noting and which can be beneficial for the Far North region : “I will simply remind you that we must give one of our priorities to the modernization of our agriculture by raising its production and diversification objectives and making available the necessary technical means”.


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