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Bertoua: A truck grinds two women of the northern Cameroon

Bertoua. Photo credit: chateaunews.com

“I’ve never seen people die in front of me before. What happened this late morning in front of me is incredible. Take a look at the images to measure the magnitude of the shock,”

says a landlord.

The testimonies of the two ladies were on a motorcycle that was driving at full speed. Opposite, two wide-body trucks that were entering the city. In the traffic jam, the motorcycle that transported them wanted Maneuvering to dodge the face to face but unfortunately the two customers panicked and jumped off the machine. That’s when one of the trucks literally crushed them.

“What we saw today is close to a human butchery”,

says a shopkeeper. The motorcycle taxi driver carrying the two ladies escaped without the slightest scratch. He escaped without a trace. The first people to intervene could not catch up with the motorcycle. taximan who transpor was the two ladies. “He spun in English because he knew the consequence of his speeding. He was a Mbororo guy, but we did not identify his chasuble number,” says another witness.

Shortly thereafter, law enforcement and fire rescue center personnel arrived to first secure the scene and restore the disrupted traffic.