Cameroon – Insecurity in Adamawa: The Governor responds

Since few months ago, the Adamawa region has become the playground of thieves. What's about it?

The Governor of Adamawa region
The Governor of Adamawa region. Photo credit :

The insecurity issue has been once more thought by the governor of the castle of water region. Vina is most targeted in this play by High way arm rubbers. The council of Belel, Nyambaka, and Ngan’Ha are still the one suffering about kidnappings of the population by these unknown arm rubbers.

Cries of these people cut off the sleep of the governor of this region, so he assured the population through this conference launched on wednesday, 09th January at governor’s conference hall, that everything is going to be well, they don’t to be afraid. Strategies are Boeing put in place to solve forever this issue and bring back hostages.

” We cannot tell you here all our strategies that we are putting on to solve this problem. Last time, we caught three on four of suspects and they are in jail in meiganga. We are searching for the forth who took the way of meiganga bfore armies arrive. So, people has to be assure that we are doing everything for peace to come back amoung us, they should not be afraid “,

assured the governor.

Even the matter of insecurity in the townhad been evocated. The promised cameras are not yet on our streets. Mr. Roland Simo answered that they are still looking for where to install these cameras strategically.

We hope that peace and calm will be come back in this region



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