accident ngaoundéré - touboro
Accident sur l'axe Ngaoundéré - Touboro. Créidt photo:

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It was in the afternoon, this wednesday 23rd, 2019, around 4pm that suddenly a truck got into collision with a bus of  Touristique Express of immatriculation AD 322 Al in the locality of Ndokwa near the Ngangassaou village, moving from Touboro to Ngaoundere.

The bus was carrying 26 passengers, between which, 23 deaths. 7 women, 2 babies, 11 men ans 3 children lost their lifes in the accident. Corps were carried to the regional hospital of Ngaoundéré, for more identification. Two wounded persons from the bus were carried to the regional hospital.

The governor of the Adamawa region, who heard about this bad news, came at the regional hospital of Ngaoundéré to see how higher is the situation.

” We are going to keep the corpshere at the regional hospital of Ngaoundere for identification, then we will call for their family to come and remove for burial”,

said the governor.

For those who already has identified their corps, crying was the only way to express their bitter hearth. For those who are death, may their soul rest in perfect peace.

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