Cameroon – Youth Day 2019 : Paul Biya and the young

Nothing new under the sun: An empty speech, as inconsequential as condescending. No solution, no compassion. What youth is he talking about? Is it addressed to the old? Who is he finally speaking to? Analyzes.

Paul Biya
Paul Biya

As last year, the Cameroonian head of state once again announced that the future of Cameroon will be with young people “the Cameroon of tomorrow will be with you. What kind of youth does he talk about when he knows that the management of the country has been confiscated by a clique in power since 1960 ? ” It is obvious that you are already there, and you will be even more so in the coming years, the main actors”. How to be principal actor in a society where the average age of men of power is 78 years old.

Most young Cameroonians have never known another president than Paul Biya. Men or women, they are under 36, but are ruled by old people. On the subject of youth and civic education, the President speaks of “implementing the Triennial Plan which concerns more than 600 thousand people” .This message can only generate perverse effects in a country where people talk about this concept for decades without implementation of the structural reforms planned in the socio-educational system.

He also says he has engaged “the campaign of civic education and national integration that affected more than one million young people and led to the formation of 1300 Called by the National Civic Service Development Participation Agency” The drama was to see our young people finish high school without being able to transform their environment, find a job or even live decently. It is impossible to know the model of young people trained in Cameroon is a young competitive. How not to be surprised that the youth in Cameroon is now the one who would like to function as those who govern them? . It is difficult today for Paul Biya to convince on the existence of “socio-economic integration of young people through training”. The result on the field is surprising.

On the subject of fundamental freedoms, the President speaks of “playing politics. [..], this one relates to the management of the company. Voting, standing for election What election are we talking about in Cameroon where the organizer never loses it? Except that he does not denounce the torture and the corporal abuse that his soldiers inflict on those who demonstrate on the street to claim their rights.Himself being among the executioners.

Paul Biya’s February 10 speech appears as another speech too many: he dedicated the end to the benefits of agriculture, the new industrialization and also the digital economy that he himself contributed to destroy through projects various insiders who have benefited only those who managed them.

Regarding the diaspora and the emigration policy, Paul Biya does visual navigation. Clearly, instead of planning migration policy, he is content to wait for information about a potential Cameroonian who would have succeeded abroad by his own means to cite it as an example of success for young people. What are the moral lessons worth in the face of young people, most of whom live in poverty in Cameroon and are hungry every day? To listen in depth with the various achievements mentioned, it is understandable therefore that his achievements benefit only the old, that is to say, to himself and his team in power for decades.



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