Cameroon – Sport: The Ngaoundere Multi Sports Complex at the bottom of the abyss

Cloture du Complexe sportif. Crédit photo :

The multi sports complex of Ngaoundere reflects the many infrastructure programs in Cameroon. As soon as they join the sad and long list of abandoned sites.

Who does not remember the vast national program for the development of sports infrastructure (PNDIS) launched with great fanfare in 2008 and which aimed to put an end to the anomaly of lack of sports infrastructure suffered by Cameroon? .

10 years later the program is at a standstill. Like the PNDIS, the new program has not been successful. Today, the Ngaoundere sports complex Multi tutoie chaos and desolation. Playgrounds.

This ruined complex looks like a real forage field. Straggling animals occupy the facilities daily. Since the closing wall has given way, the complex that houses the headquarters of the Adamaoua Regional Tennis League has been abandoned to its fate, without security. Located in the residential area, home to the city’s senior officials’ residence, the complex consists of two playgrounds, a gymnasium, changing rooms, meeting rooms, toilets and public benches.



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