Kidnapped on saturday and found on sunday

145/200 Kidnapped students were found on sunday, last week.

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The armed group of kidnappers, unidentified, arrived in this college Saturday, February 16 at around 5:30. They snatched students and supervisors from their sleep and drove them to an unknown destination. In total, after this mass kidnapping, the institution’s leaders counted nearly 200 missing people.

On Sunday night, on national television, a statement from the Minister of Defense indicated that 145 hostages had been found. Abandoned in the forest The abductors reportedly abandoned them in the forest as they felt surrounded by the defense and security forces. The statement said the search is still ongoing for the release of the other hostages. In Kumbo, a town 80 km from Bamenda, there was a lot of excitement throughout the weekend.

On all the lips there are the same questions: how could one remove such a large number of students while the city is under permanent curfew; how was it possible to transport them and thwart the vigilance of the security forces, yet en masse in the region? A similar event in November 2018 In November 2018, a similar event had already disrupted the same region.

Seventy-nine students had been abducted from another denominational college in the heart of Bamenda, and had been released again, in circumstances that had remained unclear to this day.



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