Maurice Kamto, the Mandela of Cameroon ?

Maurice Kamto wrote a message to his compatriotes, being in prison.

Maurice Kamto
Maurice Kamto

“Do not cry for us. Stay mobilized for the final fight. We are even stronger today. Our bodies are in prison, but not our minds. Whatever the length of the night, the day will eventually get up “, said the leader of the MRC Emmanuel Simh Me.

Paul BIYA and his friends believe that, by throwing the leaders of the winning coalition around President KAMTO and nearly 150 activists, to silence the protest of his regime. They are wrongly wrong. I have found men more determined than ever, and ready to fight against the most abject dictatorship of Africa.

What a shame to throw in prison his political opponents! Fear has changed sides. The reptilian dictatorship has turned into a savage state, a police regime of terror. I leave this prison, with a light heart. And I undertake to convey this message to the Cameroonians, message of the hostages and political prisoners of Mr. BIYA: “Do not cry for us, stay mobilized for the final fight We are even stronger today Our bodies are in prison, but not our minds, whatever the length of the night, the day will eventually rise. I have a light heart. Well done guys, your sacrifice will not be in vain. “



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