Ngaoundere : Djalingeese braquing

The robbers of Djalingo in the city of Ngaoundere do not neglect anything in their passage.

Update on 02/21/2019
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On the Monday night, a woman was visited in the Djalingo district just behind the Ngaoundere passenger station “while I was sleeping, I heard a noise outside in my class and when I looked out through my I saw how some young people picked up my basket of embers and my stool I had left outside “, says Zari delphine, mother of the house.

Several people, besides this woman complain that the thieves of the district Djalingo does not leave anything in their path “me same they had stolen the panties of my son that I had dried out, and my broken basin where I washing clothes … These kinds of thieves of Djalingo, leave nothing in their way “, adds Gbaze Armandine.

All in all, the population of Djalingo must henceforth know how to protect his property because a new generation of so-called omnivorous robbers was born on that side.

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