The Minfi community celebrates its Culture with the Nkoutho’o Poh-Laa Festival in Ngaoundere

La métropole château d’eau du Cameroun a accueillie du 23 février au 3 mars 2019, la deuxième édition du festival culturel de la communauté Minfi. Une occasion d’apprécier les traditions de ce peuple des Grass Fields.

Danse Nyang Nyang
Danse Nyang Nyang à Ngaoundéré. Crédit photo:

The metropolis water tower of Cameroon hosted from February 23 to March 3, 2019, the second edition of the cultural festival of the community Minfi. An opportunity to appreciate the traditions of this Grass Fields people.

It’s well known. The Bamileke cultural events are full of heaviness. The audience of the Ndoumbe Oumar stadium came to know the customs of this people and fell in love with the ancestral traditions presented by the Mifi communities living in Adamaoua. On the occasion of the second edition of the Nkoutcho’o Poh-laa festival, the 19 communities of the Mifi family have exhibited their cultural and patrimonial wealth in front of a conquered public.

This will be an important moment for the 19 MiG communities resident in Ngaoundere because, as pointed out by Fankam Vivian, head of the MiFi community, this cultural event “Aims to promote and transmit ancestral traditions in a spirit of sharing and living together “. In a diplomatic style, the delegate of the government near the urban community of Ngaoundere, sponsor of the event said for his part

“Our city is a great crossroads on the borders of different peoples, different traditions and different civilizations that coexist in tolerance. Living together here is not just a sight of the mind, it’s a reality. “

The highlight of this festival is undoubtedly the Nyang Nyang dance scene with spectacular and shattering looks.

“This is the dance of the big days reserved for the hosts. It is forbidden to children. Only a few privileged people attend the performance of this colorful artistic choreography, it is the place to measure the symbolic scope of this event “,

ecall Tchassouang, Bafoussam national of Ngaoundere. None of them wearing the national colors, others painted black and others still colored in blue, white covering masks and holding horns in their hands.

Dedicated to living together and to the ideal of tolerance among the peoples of the same nation, the festival opened to the Toupouri, Mboum and Gbaya peoples who participated in the festivities launch parade. At a time when some Cameroonians willingly pour into political, ethnic and linguistic rifts without issues, the Nkoutcho’o poh laa festival celebrates the integration and unity of Cameroon.



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