8 March International Women’s Day or Feast of the Woman ?

This is how Cameroonian women transformed on March 08

International Women's Day 2019 in Ngaoundéré
Photo credit: chateaunews.com

International Women’s Day emerges from the history of New York women who came together in 1857 to assert their values in this society.

“At the time, all the militant press, the CPF and the CGT, as well as the” women’s groups “1 of the Women’s Liberation Movement, relayed by the national dailies, wrote that Women’s Day commemorated March 8, 1857 , day of manifestation of seamstresses in New York. This event never happened! “The American newspapers of 1857, for example, never mentioned it”,

says Francoise Picq. And it is not even mentioned by those who took the initiative of the International Women’s Day: the leaders of the international women’s socialist movement.

As a result of this demand, several women have been inserted into certain areas of activities known as men-only activities. International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 each year by women’s groups around the world. It is also celebrated at the UN and in many countries it is a national holiday. When women from all continents, often divided by national boundaries and ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic and political differences, come together to celebrate their Day, they can see, if they look back, that

This is a tradition of at least 90 years of struggle for equality, justice, peace and development.

Many people no longer understand whether it is INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY or WOMEN’S FEAST

“this celebration has been distorted. We do not understand if this is International Women’s Day or the Cameroon Women’s Day. During this week we will talk round tables; what round table are we talking about? The problem of the woman is not enumerated and the women continue to complain because nothing changes their situation for years and until then nothing changes because they claim nothing but they only want to celebrate “,

says Abbot Marie, President of the organizing committee of the 34th edition of the International Women’s Day in Ngaoundere.

International Women's Day 2019 in Ngaoundere
Photo credit: chateaunews.com

Commonly known as “raise the caba” many of his women in this day are devalued by heinous acts, some are sometimes assaulted or even killed. A period of interpellation to the feminine conscience

“Cameroonian women must become aware of themselves and know how to give themselves value. We fight against the scorn of the female sex, and against the devaluation of the African woman in general and Cameroon in particular. They must start by valuing themselves. We do not value ourselves by giving up her husband because he did not buy the loincloth, we do not value ourselves by sleeping outside because we drank too much on the day of the celebration of International Women’s Day. The woman values herself by respecting her home, while respecting her husband “,

Anne Marie Belle, notable at the Ngaoundere chieftaincy.

It’s a day of events around the world: an opportunity to take stock of the situation of women. Traditionally groups and associations of women activists prepare demonstrations, to celebrate victories and achievements, to make their demands heard, in order to improve the situation of women.

International Women’s Day remains a hot topic today. Because as long as equality between men and women is not achieved, we will need to celebrate it.



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