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It was from February 20th to 23rd that the International Short Film Festival of Central Africa took place, an organization of the regional delegation of arts and culture of the central region.

At this festival, 16 representatives, eight countries took part to know: Cameroon, Chad, Togo, Gabon, Morocco, Senegal, France, and England. Several films and productions were exposed and studied, of which at the end a production of the group FADART shone for its theme exposed in the short film of “DENERAM: the unhappy bride”. This film carrying a strong message did not leave indifferent the juries of this festival which were not slow in awarding him the prize of the best film fiction.

A dream that has just been fulfilled “this award reinforces the thesis that it is said that we must love what we do,” says happily Aldjim Banyo Martial, actor of the film DENERAM.

It is important to emphasize that Fad art is one of the few structures that focuses on youth, as thanked Aldjim Martial in his remarks “it is an almost exceptional case to see a structure that brings all his energy to achieve the dream We need sincere thanks to this production company, it’s really a brand structure. “


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