Cameroon : Issa Tchiroma is disappointed in Maroua

Issa Tchiroma in Maroua
Issa Tchiroma in Maroua. Photo credit:

The Minister of Employment and Vocational Training was in the far north where he visited the construction work of the training center trades Maroua. The result was not up to expectations. According to the observation on the field, the site does not go forward at all.

As of March 22, the progress rate was 7.82% while the budget consumption shows a disbursement level of 32%. This caused the discontent of the Minister,

“ I said that I am not at all satisfied because vocational training center is from being what we expected it to be. When we will be back in my office, I will summon those who in one way or other are involved in the process of building this, and we will do the right conclusion. In case it is demonstrated that they are not capable of delivering the goods, we will take the right decision “,

said Minister Issa Tchiroma.

Issa Tchiroma in Maroua
Photo credit:

The project started since July 17, 2018, with C2D financing. A center that will eventually accommodate 150 learners according Ngathé Kom Philippe, coordinator of the project C2D:

” we chose here with the actors that we should train here the operators of processing and conservation of plant products, the operators of products processing carmes, and then the operators of livestock production. We believe that through these three jobs that will garnered about 150 learners during the cruising period. “

After the construction of the Maroua trades training center, Issa Tchiroma went to the regional delegation of the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training where he held a working session with the staff of the delegation.



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