Cameroon : The Council of Ngoura has proved its skills

On a budget forecast 304.241.576 Fcfa, the municipality has been able to achieve a savings of 26,774,082 FCFA of revenue on expenditure in 2018.


The regular session devoted to the examination and adoption of the administrative accounts of the municipal executive and the management of the municipal receiver for the 2018 financial year was approved by the deliberative body. It was March 29th in Ngoura.

According to the report of the Finance Committee which worked the day before, it appears that there is a concordance between the management account of the Mayor and that of the receiver. Only, noted this commission: a low rate of recovery or non-collection at all of a number of taxes.

Namely: the slaughter taxes which amounts to 09% on a forecast of four million, while on the expanse of the commune, it has a lot of livestock that is slaughtered. The rights to the building permit or to implement with a realization rate of 08% on a projection of 1,500. 000 francs, the forest fee which gives a rate of 16.31% for a forecast of 5,435,661 Fcfa.

On the other hand, the parking lot or the management of Tongo Gandima’s large-scale fleet, which was to produce 1,000,000 CFA francs, recorded zero francs, the same for revenue from furniture rental at 0%. A forecast of 500 000 FCFA that has not brought anything in the coffers of the town. At the origin of this loss of revenue, the attitudes of some advisers or close associates in the collection that distract the recipes or that make the black market.

In an action room revamped to the size and ambitions of this town that is still waiting to see the 40 km access road, Mayor Michel Mada said :

“I am satisfied with the quality of observations that have been made. This demonstrates the Board’s interest in the work done by the executive. Even more, with little, we realized what we could, together in collegiality. “

For the sub-prefect of Ngoura Sebastien Lavenir Essouma Zoua who represented the prefect of Lom and Djerem, Yves Bertrand Awounfac Aliénou :

“It will be necessary to maximize the own revenue of the municipality. Because with the decentralization that is already there, the Cac and other endowments of the State are not enough to boost local development. These funds that are distracted and not collected may penalize you in the future.”

In the various, the inauguration of the city hall has furnished the exchanges and the preparations for important upcoming elections. It was in the presence of all the councilors and the chief of Canton Gbaya of Ngoura, S.M. Justin Bello.



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