Religion – Spiritual Crusade at Dang: Open your heart to the Lord

The Christian youth of Ngaoundere has decided to put the city of Ngaoundere in the hands of the Almighty Lord.

Update on 04/06/2019
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Four days of crusade were organized in the university village of Dang. Have participated in this commendable spiritual initiative, pastors Paul, Aimé and so many other speakers who have all shared on the theme “Ngaoundere open your heart to the Lord”.

“Ngaoundere, open your heart to the Lord, and if I have to paraphrase I Say, Bini open your heart to the Lord, the people of the neighborhood Anta Diop, open your heart to the Lord “,

said Pastor Boris in his preaching.

Organized by Pastor Aimé, the first three days of this second crusade took place at the Stadium la Marseillaise. While the fourth day, God’s people gathered at the Anta Diop crossroads. Around the text of Revelation 3:20, this people of the Lord Jesus gathered together came out of those moments rich in teachings with joy on their faces. This proves a great success for the organizers:

“I am very satisfied and very happy because the crusade went very well in very good conditions. Everyone was satisfied with a lot of healing, the visitation of the Holy Spirit. I am very happy with this crusade “,

explains Adjama Cressence, faithful Christian, this proves that success is estimated at 80 to 90%.

Since finding the place that will host this crusade has not been easy, despite this, he does not give up; a next edition is in sight as Mabeng Corine tells us ” you may not have had the opportunity to attend the first and second crusades, you are invited to participate massively in the next crusade will run from April to June. So there are three crusades left. “


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