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Cameroon – MOINAM : When Gbaya culture is renovated

"The Gbaya culture is to be upgraded", Dr. Yadji Paul Soré

Moinam. Photo credit : chateaunews.com

The Moïnam association Gbaya promotes its culture and its values in Ngaoundéré. Three days of festival, the culture of this ethnic group was on the front page.

Several discoveries have been made, like that of the calendar among the Gbaya. The mastery of the agricultural calendar is an important element in Gbaya culture, to cultivate, go fishing or hunting, it is necessary to know the seasonal rotations; stars play a big role.

“We use this as a calendar too. The ancients used it to see the difference of the seasons. At 18h it is located at sunrise that means that if you have not yet burned your field is that the year will be lost for you “,


Faced with the gradual and programmed disappearance of ancestral knowledge in this area, the old guard seized the opportunity of major cultural events to perpetuate the traditions

“grandparents say that it comes from a revelation if we can say that the ancestors have used it since and they transmit from generation to generation “,


Since hunting is also an identity activity of the Gbaya people, Sodéa Daniel, a traditional leader in the Bohana Adi neighborhood, is a snake hunter. This work Daniel inherited it from his ancestors. In the Gbaya tradition, the profession of reptile hunter is transmitted from father to son.

“I am initiated into this because my grandfather initiated my father and he even gave the dowry of my mom with the skin of the snake. That’s why my father introduced me to the snake hunt, “,

says Daniel.