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The world moving forward by these men and women who accept to sacrifice themselves for the good of all.

As Martin Luther King said:

“Whatever you do in life, do it right, a man should do his job so that neither the living nor the dead, nor those who are not yet born, can do it better than him. If you wanted to be a street sweeper, then sweep as Michelangelo painted his paintings, as Shakespeare wrote his poetry, as Beethoven composed his music.Sweep the streets so that even long after you, the hosts of heaven and earth will have to stop to say: “here lived a great street sweeper, who did his job well.”

Cameroon needs the skills, expertise, creativity, genius and innovation of these men and women who believe in the values ??of work. That’s why the editorial team joins the rest of the world in wishing everyone a very Happy Labor Day.

Real magic is work!

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