Cameroon – Cathedral of Sangmelima : What is wrong ?

The grand cathedral of Sangmélima inaugurated this April 27, is a topic of debate on networks.

Cathedral of Sangmelima
Cathedral of Sangmelima. Photo credit:

The Cameroonian government invested in religious hangars, like the Cathedral of Sangmelima. The construction of this building cost nearly 2.6 billion francs according to the figures given. For some Cameroonians, this is a real useless expense.

“ A city like Sangmelima that has no industry, the unemployment rate of the population is the magic of the figure. But we put 2.6 billion francs to build a church and overcharging for the foxes as usual “,

said Farabor, young sangmelima.

The question around which this discussion turns is: Is it a government work? Or just the result of the different quests of the population? To this, some, like Fabienne Larissa, a student, maintain that she is from the population :

” That’s what the population has contributed to the well-being of the spiritual life of all “.

While some continue to shoot the missiles of bad eyes on the Cameroonian government and the whole of Africa.

” This reality amazes me, Africa is very far from being released from the inn. How to understand that in a country or a country where there is lack of drinking water, school, road, electricity, where unemployment is at its height, people still die for lack of paracetamol, but we allow ourselves to do quests to build religious hangars with billions. Even those who came to impose these dogmas with whips, if they were our situation, would never privilege these religious sheds to instead of the man or the development “,

says Mbi Franck, entrepreneur.

For followers of the Christian faith, this is a way to bring God into the development of Cameroon, “the one who builds a building without God does it in vain”, according to Daniel Gerard Akoozo.



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