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Cameroon : Minister Gregoire Owona asks for forgiveness to all Cameroonians


Cameroon’s minister of Labour and Social security, Gregoire Owona ask for forgiveness from Cameroonians for saying, Cameroonians should be grateful with a minimum wage rate of 36,000 FCFA.

The Deputy Secretary of the CPDM central committee who doubles as Cameroon’s Labour minister, took to his Facebook page this afternoon 15-05-2019, stating that many misunderstood his explanation of the Smug (minimum wage) in Cameroon. It should be noted that on Wednesday 30-04-2019, the minister while on an interview on CRTV said, 36,000 FCFA was very sufficient for every average Cameroon, and gave explanations on how, someone earning 36000frs could spend this money in a month and still retain a balance.

While congratulating workers and trade Unionists for their beautiful celebration of May 1st, 2019, he said many misunderstood his words, and thought the solution was to insult him, and because of this he says they should forgive him, and that he will explain himself better later.

Mathieu Dilla Yadji
Mathieu Dilla Yadji is passionate about journalism. He is English correspondent of Adamawa
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