May 20, 2019 : Where are the MRC and the SDF parties ?

The SDF and the MRC are noticed in the field by their absences.

Natioanl Day in Ngaoundere
Natioanl Day in Ngaoundere. Photo credit:

Can we still talk about Unity in Cameroon ? Since the chairman of the SDF party wrote in his last press release on the 07th of may 2019 that ” the Social Democratic Front (SDF), in sympathy with cameroonians living in a civil war in the North west and South west regions and those suffering from the severe insecurity crisis in the other parts of the country, hereby informs party structures and the public opinion that as long as this civil war and severe insecurity prevails, the SDF cannot participate in the national day celebrations of 20th May.

This is valid throughout the national territory because one side of a face cannot be smiling while the other side is crying” Joshua Osih.

This has been respected all over the national territory and on the matching field were present the CPDM party, The CPRN, UNDP and others.

Has also aligned to the SDF party, the one of Maurice Kamto which has decided too not to match while the country is divided. Is Cameroon really united? What is the real meaning of this national unity day celebration?



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