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Ngaoundere 3rd : Free distribution campaign for 700,000 LLIN nets

From September 5th to 9th Ngaoundéré 3rd houses the national mass distribution campaign for LLIN nets between 7am and 5pm.


Four years after the last operation, the Cameroonian government, with the help of its partners, is launching the third national campaign of mass distribution of LLINs in the country. Symbol background, it is to the royal court of Lamida Ngaoundéré that the kick-off of this campaign in the region of Adamaoua was given.

Under the effective presidency of the governor of the region, the ceremony sees a large affluence. For 10 days, the agents mobilized for the cause will go through the city to give the families long-lasting impregnated mosquito nets.

With a coverage rate of 59% of the Cameroonian population, the Cameroonian government hopes to extend this rate up to 80% during this campaign.

“According to data from the national malaria control program, we have seen a slight decline in the evolution of malaria indicators since 2016 and the Cameroonian government intends to preserve these gains by investing more to defeat malaria. The national strategic plan for malaria control for 2019-2023 recommends continuing the universal coverage of effective malaria control interventions for the eventual elimination of the disease “,

said Manaouda Malachie, Minister of Public Health.

With more than 2 million cases registered each year, malaria accounts for 45% of hospitalizations in health facilities in Cameroon. Due to long-lasting insecticidal nets, a significant reduction in the number of malaria cases is observed. The ritual of the day, rich in sounds and colors, is punctuated by a demonstration of the user manual. The kick-off ceremony on Zala Zulu’s song ended with the delivery of some mosquito nets to families by the authorities.

Boubakary Moussa
Boubakary Moussa, is an information enthusiast who specialized in investigations and analyzes. Young motivated to ethics proved he is the correspondent of ChateauNews in Adamaoua.


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