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The Network of Peace Journalists in action

The Network of Peace Journalists in action
Les journalistes d paix

The Network of Peace Journalists, created by the journalists of the ten regions of Cameroon under the impetus of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation aims to work in the preservation of peace in Cameroon.

The Network of Peace Journalists abbreviated (NPJ) is borned. The first elective general assembly of the national office was held on Friday 06 September 2019. It was after a third training workshop on peace journalism organized by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation that the initiative is concretized.

What’s happy the leaders of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation including Ms Suzanne Bamuh Apara who has welcomed the desire of press professionals to make a lasting commitment to peace. The network is born in a context of fragile peace in Cameroon. A major challenge that will mobilize the team’s capabilities on the ground and require a real synergy of action. The Yaounde training enabled the media men of the ten regions of Cameroon to revise their reporting techniques by adapting them to the language and writing of peace. The corporation of peace journalists has for main objective to perpetuate the concept in the media universe Cameroonians.

Peace Journalism
Peace Journalism workshop

During the Constitutive Assembly, a network office was elected with experienced people. The body is chaired by Jérôme Essian, journalist for the daily newspaper Le Jour in the South region of Cameroon. Mariama Njayou of the Community Medias Network holds the position of vice-president and also includes Rose Obah from The Guardian Post at the general secretary and Francine Ndjaba from CRTV Far-North regional station as treasurer.

The operationalization of this network is an innovation in the family of the press that will expand to the sub-region. Speaking after his election, Jérôme Essian hinted that he will spare no effort to promote peace journalism in Cameroon.

” The mason will be judged at the foot of the wall. I intend to take up this challenge in collaboration with all members. It will be a team effort. We expect to succeed together “,

the president told ChateauNews.com. Many peace yards are waiting for this new corporation.

The Network of Peace Journalists

Vice President: MARIAMA NJAYOU
General Secretariat: ROSE OBAH
Deputy Secretary General: RODRIGUE TAPEO
Statutory Auditor 1: ERICIEN PASCAL
Statutory Auditor 2: PRINCE GUIMBOUS
Membership fees: 5000 FCFA