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The Ambazonia activist, Mark Bareta response to the official invitation sent to him by email from the Prime Minister of Cameroon, Mr. Dion Ngute, in regards to the Cameroon National Diialogue.

Since the National Dialogue convened by Paul Biya last week, the Prime Minister, Mr. Dion Ngute has received mny people to his office coming to give their suggestions for the National Dialogue which that take place in Yaounde from September 30th to October 4th.

In his response, Mark Bareta said :

I took prior notification that in disregards to normal standards, no discussions have been held between your government and my humble self in lure to attend such a dialogue that should guarantee fairness and security, thus, the invitation came as a big surprise.

Mark Bareta in his response want that Paul iya release all Ambazonia Prisoners of war. The response of Mark Bareta, a document of 8 pages, he explain that nothing good will happen after this Nation Dialogue.

In fact, time will vindicate me that nothing good can come out of Yaounde.

You can free downoad the Mark Bareta response to the Cameroon Prime Minister from here.

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