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Cameroon : These are the names of new Prefects and Sub-Prefects appointed by Paul Biya


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His excellency President Paul Biya on the 7th of October 2019 appoints new prefects and sub-prefects, civils administrators at territorial commandment of divisions and sub-divisions of Cameroon.

They are many prefects and sub-prefects which have being appointed to new functions this Monday by the head of state. This modify the territorial structure by his new nominees at the head of the administration.

After the nomination of the inspectors at MINAT, some SG of governors services and prefects, H.E Paul Biya equally signed on this October 7th 2019 other documents which appointed prefects and sub-prefects at national level.

The President of the Republic of Cameroon purchases the process of reconfiguration of local administration for better control of the nation.

Free download presidential decree for Prefects and Sub-Prefects.

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