Top News News CNYC launches competition to recruit 4200 young people

CNYC launches competition to recruit 4200 young people


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While hang around in Adamawa, to raise awareness on the CNYC Social Program, the Cameroon National Youth Council and its partner CSP Education invite the new generation to join the ranks of young entrepreneurs.

Based on the observation that a young better equipped and sharpened by advanced training is able to propose a very specific professional project, the Cameroon’s national youth council and its partner CSP Education embark on a social assistance program called CNYC Social program.

In practice it is a subsidized training grant of 50% that will last 12 months and will be offered to 4,200 young people. This new program advocates the promotion of investment in a young environment for the realization of an economic project.

The CNYC Social Program, which is a project set up by the National Youth Council in partnership with the CSP Education group, has kindly made available to Cameroonian youth an opportunity for training and professional integration. Despite the call for applications launched near the youth of Adamawa, the large team led by the national coordinator goes to the city of Ngaoundéré to give more information on the project. Tells Bako Fréderic the regional delegate for youth and civic education in Adamawa.

During their official visit in Ngaoundéré, to raise awareness among young people, the initiators of the program received an attentive ear from young target groups who showed interest in the program. Even if the majority trend remains rather for salaried jobs at present, self-employment and, by extension, start-ups are increasingly on the rise. Young entrepreneurship continues to seduce the new generation.

The main thrust of this project is the professionalization of the young person, to give young people the tools to be able to fit into the professional world and the most important of this project, it is not training, but c is the accompaniment to professional integration. Reveals Tchuata Guy Rostand, Program Coordinator.

The launch of this national contest for the recruitment of 4,200 young people is welcomed. By encouraging young people to join the ranks of young entrepreneurs, the National Youth Council invites the younger generation to take its destiny into its own hands. In the Adamawa region younth have projects full head, just give them the means of their policies. And the youth, thanks to its energy, enthusiasm and dynamism, stands out as the ferment of transformations and plays a fundamental role in the socio-economic construction of the nation.

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Boubakary Moussa
Boubakary Moussa, is an information enthusiast who specialized in investigations and analyzes. Young motivated to ethics proved he is the correspondent of ChateauNews in Adamaoua.


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