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Autopsy tests show that Mayor Ekema Patrick Esunge was poisoned with Botox


The autopsy was made on The Buea Mayor’s body, Ekema Patrick, in Douala. The results showed a level of Botox 18 times higher than normal in first forensic tests.

The forensic tests of autopsy also showed a high levels of the neurotoxic protein. This could suggest that Ekema Patrick have been poisoned with the rare and lethal substance. The Botox was found in his stomach, colon and mouth. The were traces of ethanol in his small intestines.

Cameroon forensic scientist, Dr. Pascal Sunjong, who had studied the report, said :

The report contains strong evidence, in my view conclusive evidence, Ekema was poisoned on Saturday evening while drinking what appears to be wine. The portion was over-dosed, and powerful to knock him off in a few hours. He did not die of a cardiac arrest, our cardiac tests proved. Meantime, police investigations reveal that Ekema had a drink with three young unidentified ladies at Sawa Hotel in Douala, a few hours before his death. It is inconclusive to say he was poisoned by the ladies, says Commissioner Edward Luc Mbessi. But it is clear that he could have been targeted by separatists who had always found a crack to bridge Ekema’s security.

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