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Cameroon : Journalists from the northern part equipped for the promotion of peace


The Cameroon Community Media Network (CCMN), an organization founded in 2017 in Buea, officially launched its activities in the northern part of Cameroon this January 18 in Ngaoundere with the Adamawa regional communications delegate.

Following disinformation and proliferation of fake news around situations of social facts, a dozen journalists have undertaken the creation of the Cameroon Community Media Network for synergy of action. The organization of civil society is thus established in the north through the organization of the regional workshop in the far north which brought together around twenty journalists.

The dramatization of the facts and the information warfare today known as “Fake” are obstacles to the promotion of peace in both traditional and new media. Very often accused of withholding information, authorities and the security forces do not often facilitate the task of journalists, all of which cause multiple versions of information.

The Cameroon community media network with the objective of cultivating peace and development. To achieve this goal, the CCMN relies on community media, the information of which is based on daily life and living together. The organization of civil society which is thus established in the far north through the organization of the regional workshop in the far north having brought together some twenty participants. Media from the Adamawa, North and Far North regions were thus trained on the concepts of peace journalism but above all built on the CCMN charter.

We must all promote peace. Peace so dear to the Head of State, His Excellency Paul Biya,

as Madame Christine Barya, regional communications delegate for Adamawa, wanted to remind. The communications authority took advantage of the occasion to invite the media to get more involved in this noble cause of peace.

We are constantly seeking peace. We must have the attitude of peace to make it sustainable. Nowadays, our media environment is infested by social networks and multiple deviances. It is up to journalists from the far north to seize this opportunity to act positively in their bodies,

she revealed. Strongly affected by the deterioration of the climate of peace, media players fully appreciate the interest of this platform for conveying messages of peace.

Conflict analysis gives underlying points that sometimes escape reporters who must be careful with information processing,

said Joël Maman, journalist at Cameroon Tribune, Far North region.

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The latter active on the ground since the start of the war against the Boko Haram nebula has built up assistance on the impact of messages among local populations in the rendering of our media. The recent case of the grenade which exposed on the Gambaru – Fotokol Bridge in the Far North on the Nigerian side but relaying in several media from the angle of a suicide attack is for this press professional revealing the responsibility of journalists in information processing. A misinformation which, according to him, has resulted in creating panic amongs populations.

As local media, community media have a crucial role to play in educating and raising awareness among local populations,

said Monique Patalé, radio journalist Salaman based in Benoue. Faced with the urgency of flooding information platforms with messages that could reduce the psychological impact of crises, the CCMN plans to support the media technically and materially in promoting peace.

We encourage productions aimed at promoting peace in local or national languages, both by partner media and journalists through symbolic motivations. This is our way of supporting and perpetuating this editorial culture,

reassures Fonki Yannick, Secretary General of the National CCMN. The new dynamic for peace is taking shape in the far north to improve information for the populations.

The network is based on trust, openness and democracy. It is a grouping of media bodies working for peace. The generalization of insecurity, the persistence of crises and the multiplication of acts of violence across Cameroon are fueling information conflicts that are sometimes such as to destabilize populations,

specifies Rekiatu Jingi regional CCMN far north and journalist at the CRTV Adamawa regional station. Media workers now able to attend the workshop on this third Saturday in January are tasked with building a culture of peace through the writings and on tv. As the first television to be established in the Adamawa region, FTV intends to include this theme in its productions.

Peace is good for everyone. If we do not work to preserve it, it will be difficult for us to fully exercise our profession. This is why a peace promotion tranche will be launched in our new program schedule after the February 2020 elections,

revealed Rodrigue Tapeo, its CEO. The elections are sensitive moments, which is why election coverage has been on the menu for the work of the CCMN with journalists from the far north.

During the session, the exhibitors asked reporters and media managers to observe the society, to provide information to preserve the latent conflicts. In addition to these themes, journalists from the far north are also encouraged to raise awareness of the population on the responsible use of social networks that affect young people and limit the spread of false information. Journalists from the Cameroon Community Media Network will be responsible for preserving peace before, during and after the legislative and municipal elections of February 2020. A double responsibility which requires an appropriate choice of words in their communications.

Boubakary Moussa
Boubakary Moussa, is an information enthusiast who specialized in investigations and analyzes. Young motivated to ethics proved he is the correspondent of ChateauNews in Adamaoua.


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