Analysis Opinion « Our law firm is prepared and committed to...

« Our law firm is prepared and committed to protecting Mr. Kamto’s rights »


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That is what Amsterdam & Partners says in an open letter sent today to the President of the Republic of Cameroon, H.E. Paul Biya, about the activities planned for september 22, 2020 by Maurice Kamto.

By these activities of 22 september 2020, Maurice Kamto of Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) want to protest against Paul Biya.

Despite the fact that minister Atanga Nji has banned these activities, Cameroonians are waiting for what will happen tuesday 22 september 2020.

We also notify you of our intent to hold accountable all responsible officials of the Republic of Cameroon for any violation of the human rights, civil rights, and physical safety of Professor Kamto, members of the CRM and all those who participate in peaceful protests and opposition activities on September 22 and thereafter.

Said Amsterdam & Partners to Paul Biya, in the open letter.

Paul Shamkwa
Writer for ChateauNews from South Cameroon


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