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16 rules of a healthy eating habit


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Do you have a good eating habit, how do you know that you’re eating habit is good or bad, this are some rules which can help you throughout in your daily meals.

Eat a variety of food groups everyday
Take a minimum of 3 meals per day; the best will be 5 meals a day, 3 meals and 2 snacks for 5 meals and a 3 snack only for the people who study in the night and need glucose for the functioning of their brains.
Balance your food choice over time; the breakfast, lunch and dinner should be balanced and everyday meal should be balanced.
Control portions of food choice and count your calories, also take note of important food groups like cereals/tubercles, vegetables, fat and oil and fruits must not lack in your daily meal.
Drink a lot of water (2.5-3L) and reduce sugary drinks for 350ml of soda has more than the recommended added sugar. Reduce wine intake to 2 tea cups of 240ml a day.
Do not skip meals especially breakfast.
Give more favor to healthy fat, proteins, and carbohydrates.
Do not eliminate certain unhealthy foods that are favored by you, but reduce them.
Emphasize on certain types of minerals and vitamins for strong bones like Magnesium, calcium and vitamin D, K,
Go to bed to sleep 3 hours after eating super and do not lie down after eating.
Take exercise as a group of food and it is best done every day for 30min minimum early in the morning before breakfast.
Eat with others whenever possible and take time to chew your food.
Listen to your body; ask yourself if you are really hungry or just thirsty.
Close the kitchen after dinner.
Change you’re eating habit progressively and slowly and every change you make matters.
To improve your eating habit, identify what is wrong with yours not your neighbors own.

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